keep your mattress performing at its best

Change your mattress position once per season (4 times per year as a minimum). Maintaining your mattress will allow it to perform better for you over it’s life.

*IMPORTANT* For a proper and regular rotation schedule start with Rotation 1, next time 2. Continue this pattern, alternating 1 & 2. If you have a split tension unit and wish to keep the coil tensions on the same side all the time, only perform Rotation 2. After flipping, rotate backto original coil position.


1. Do not attempt to turn, flip or carry your mattress by yourself. This may cause personal injury or damage to your mattress.

2. Bending the mattress more than 45 will damage the coil structure and the integrity of the mattress.

3. When flipping the mattress, always flip the mattress width wise and never by the length of the mattress. If you attempt to flip it length wise, not only is it easier to hurt yourself, but there is a greater chance to damage the mattress coils.

4. Never try flipping the mattress while it is still on the base. Always move it all the way to the floor before turning it over. You can either flip the mattress from the end of the bed as in the illustration or you can flip it from the side of the bed, wherever you have the most amount of space.

5. Always move any obstacles or anything that may break or damage the mattress out of the area before you start the rotation operations.

If you find you, or you and your partner, sleep in the same areas of the mattress all the time and find areas of the mattress do not seem to be getting full usage, you may want to perform the Rotations more often to allow the mattress to settle flat in all areas.