what chandelier or pendant will work best in my room?

The pendant or chandelier in your dining room will set the whole tone for the room, so it’s important to take some care in choosing the one for your space. Not only does a pendant provide the necessary function of a central source of light, it adds sparkle and ambience. Consider both style and scale in finding a pendant that works for you.

 Scale of Your Pendant

Traditionally pendants and chandeliers were used in the dining room, living room or grand foyer, but increasingly they are being used in all rooms of the house. Because your rooms are all different sizes, how do you know what size your new pendant should be?

First, determine the length and width of the room in feet, and then add those figures together. That should equal the sum of the pendant converted to inches. Example: If the dining room is 15 ft. x 12 ft.,  knowing that 15 + 12 is 27, the correct size chandelier for the dining room would be approximately 27 inches in diameter.

If this measurement seems small due to the size of your dining room table, size your pendant three-quarters the width of the table. In addition, the bottom of the pendant or chandelier should be approximately 32 to 34 inches above the dining room table. Generally bigger is better; too often the pendant can look dwarfed in the room.

The above equation can be used when sizing a chandelier for an entry or foyer. However, foyers can be high, keep in mind the bottom of the fixture should be at least seven to eight feet from the floor.

Style of Your Pendant

One of the first things to consider when selecting your pendant is the architecture of your home. For example, if you live in an Arts and Crafts house, then you may wish to find a pendant style that will work with this period.

Next, look at the décor that is in the room. You want something that is going to mesh with the other elements in the room, such as the window coverings, furniture, rug and artwork. If it’s going in a dining room, and you have wooden chairs, table and buffet, then it would be a good idea to soften the feel of the room by having a pendant that has a fabric shade.

If you’re overwhelmed by the multitude of styles of available, you often can’t go wrong by choosing a simple drum shade pendant. It works in both traditional and contemporary settings, and its classic styling will serve you well in the many years to come.