how to choose the right size rug for your space...

Both the actual room size and the specific decorating scheme are critical in determining the size of the rug best suited to your needs. Also take into account how much of the pattern will be hidden or obscured by your furniture placement, and choose the style accordingly.

Dining Room

Select a rug that is two feet smaller than the width of the shortest wall in the room. Ideally, you want the rug to extend at least two feet beyond the width of the table, to allow for your guests to pull out their chairs and still have all four legs stay on the rug.


Place runners on either side of the bed, or for a simpler look place a larger rug one third of the way down so that it creates a wide border around the whole bed. However, if your bed is not centered in the room it may be best to stick with using two smaller rugs.

Living Room

Your rug should fit the configuration of the room and the furniture. Some decorators feel that if your rug doesn’t reach under all of the furniture in the room’s central area, then it’s too small. Preferably the rug will be proportionate to the size of the room and leave an equal amount of bare floor space all around it, such as two feet. If your area rug is just too small to achieve this look, then the next best approach would be to position the rug in the central living area so that it is under most if not all of the furniture in the room. It’s not necessary for the back legs of sofas or chairs to sit on the carpet.