white doesn't mean boring...

For years, many thought that white walls looked unfinished. Now, the trend is back to white, but with care to add warmth and texture to the room. This kitchen pictured to the left, for example, features white; it is kept monochromatic with the white walls, white cupboard and counters, and white marble floor.

It's not, however, by any means boring. Visual excitement is added through a variety of elements. The grey marbling on the floor and wall carries the eye up and across the kitchen. A bold collection of large handmade vases by Eighteen Karat captivates and maintains interest through their commanding use of texture.

 The stainless steel counter adds the metal element to the room, while still reinforcing the neutral palette. The architectural Mu solid wood stools from Eighteen Karat provide warmth, while the reproduction print "Composing Chaos" from Eighteen Karat at the end of the kitchen lends pattern repetition to stimulate the viewer.

When carefully considered, white is not boring at all, but fresh and exciting.